August 5, 2018 – Our group attended Microscopy & Microanalysis 2018 Conference, August 5-10, 2018, Baltimore, Maryland.

Zariana (left) and Gibin (right) at the poster presentation.

May 22, 2018 – Our group conducted research in radiation detection at Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) on May 21-22, 2018.

From left to right: Richard Jeffery, Carlin Ashford, Zhiping Luo, Ben Estes and Jason Davis.

April 11, 2018 – Our research group was recognized for Excellence in Mentoring at the “Taking the Pentagon to the People” Conference, hosted by the U.S. Department of Defense, April 11–12, 2018, Fayetteville State University.

From left to right: Aleeyah Johniken, Carlin Ashford, Zariana Mobley, and Zhiping Luo.

April 10, 2018 – Zariana Mobley received the “Student of the Year” award of the Department of Chemistry and Physics.

April 4, 2018 – Zariana Mobley and Jesus Riveracorrea were accepted for summer intern research at DoD Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.

March 21, 2018 – Tajah Trapier, a high-school student working at our group, was admitted to NC State University.

March 20, 2018 – Carlin Ashford and Aleeyah Johniken were accepted for NSF-supported REU 2018 summer research from 05/27/2018 to 07/27/2018 at Tuskegee University. Congratulations!

May 26, 2017 – Zariana Mobley (undergraduate) was accepted for DoD Summer Internship Program from 05/30/2017 to 08/06/2017 at Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. Congratulations to her!

May 26, 2017 – Three undergraduates (Chibu Umerah, Daniel Loeven, Lenore Miller) were accepted for NSF-funded REU summer research at Tuskegee University. Congratulations to them!

May 23, 2017 – Undergraduate Carlin Ashford was accepted for NSF-funded REU summer research from 05/23/2017 to 08/01/2017 at University of Houston. Congratulations to him!

May 13, 2017 – Two undergraduates (Shardai Johnson and Chibu Umerah) graduated from FSU. They received BS in Chemistry with minor in Materials Science. They were accepted for NSF IGERT Fellowship graduate program at Tuskegee University. Congratulations to them!

February 17, 2017 – The Fayetteville State University Student Chapter of the Materials Research Society has been awarded with a Special Projects Grant in $999.34 from the Materials Research Society Foundation. This grant will support research activities by the Materials Science students. This project is led by the President of the Student Chapter, Chibu Umerah, undergraduate at FSU with major in Chemistry and minor in Materials Science.

January 25, 2017 – An undergraduate Laura Lovell was selected to participate in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for the Summer 2017 Term.She will conduct a research project on Nanostructured Catalysts.

December 2, 2016 – An undergraduate Chibu Umerah received a travel award for the 2017 Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in STEM.

August 9, 2016 – Materials Science Program was recognized as BroncoBest with 100% Student Service Satisfaction for the 2015–2016 Academic Year.

May 18, 2016 –Three female undergraduates at this group (Shardai Johnson, Chibu Umerah and Christina Young) were accepted for NSF-sponsored REU summer research from May 29 to July 29 at Tuskegee University. Each of them is provided with a stipend of $5,000. Congratulations to them!

April 26, 2016 – Christina Young was accepted to Tuskegee University for Master of Science Degree in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Congratulations to Christina!

March 8, 2016 – John Moch was accepted to participate the prestigious Blue Waters Student Internship Program, with a stipend of $5,000. Congratulations to John!

Fall, 2015 – Niyoyankunze Noel graduated from this group and entered a Master Degree Program at Norfolk State University. Congratulations to Noel!

April 10, 2015 – A paper co-authored by Shardai, Noel, Juliely and Zhiping was accepted for publication in Rev. Nanosci. Nanotechnol.

April 2, 2015 – Zhiping received Teacher of the Year Award of Department of Chemistry and Physics, based on teaching evaluations.

February 3, 2015 – Shardai was accepted for 2015 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) position at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), with a stipend of $5,000. Congratulations to Shardai!

December 11, 2014 – Zhiping was recognized at the FSU Board of Trustees Meeting.
From left to right: Chancellor Dr. James A. Anderson, Dr. Zhiping Luo, and Chair of the Board of Trustees Mr. Col. Donald Porter.

April 14, 2014 – Zhiping received Researcher of the Year Award of Department of Chemistry and Physics, based on research activities.

March 19, 2014Niyogushima Juliely was accepted to Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program at University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Congratulations to Juliely!


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